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How cyber school students can keep their mind sharp this summer

School being out for the summer is a great feeling, but it can also lead to a lull in learning at the beginning of the next school year when students return to the classroom or, in the case of cyber school students like those homeschooling in PA with 21st Century Cyber Charter School, the laptop or iPad.

However, there are ways to keep your mind sharp throughout the summer and avoid the learning block that we are susceptible to at the start of the school year.  To help yourself prevent brain drain in the summer, here are some ways to keep your mind sharp.

Visit Museums: Particularly on a summer day when it’s too hot to be comfortable outside, it can be nice to spend time in an air conditioned museum. But museums are good for more than just cooling down. They’ll make your brain think about art, history, culture, science, and more. Keeping a journal of the things you learned at museums or found interesting while touring them can also be a good way to keep your brain active.

Watch Quiz Shows: Quiz shows like Jeopardy are one every night during the week and catching a few episodes here and there can be beneficial to your education. Shows like Jeopardy feature challenging trivia and strategic thinking that make the brain work while also being entertained.

Write Reviews: Throughout the summer, you’re sure to take some day trips and vacations to various attractions and destinations. Why not become a critic and write reviews online about the places you visit in order to keep your writing skills on point? It can be empowering for students to share their opinions, and like many other skills in life, writing gets easier the more you practice.

Take Tours: Find a place that interest you and see if they offer tours. Many metropolitan areas offer a variety of tours to help visitors learn more about the city and its landmarks. Typically a guided tour has some educational aspects and you can take the knowledge you’ve gained about different places and carry it with you throughout life.

Read: This one might seem obvious but it can’t be overstated. Reading is one of the most sure-fire ways to keep your mind sharp over the summer. It doesn’t have to be educational reading. Any reading will do the trick. Pick your favorite genre or author and dive into some books when you’re not diving into a swimming pool this summer.

Play Brain Games: There are games out there that are actually intended to make your brain work. Vocabulary and math games like Scrabble, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and more are great games to play throughout the summer to keep your mind active.

Take a Class: Whether it’s an educational online class such as those offered at 21CCCS summer school or just a community class to learn something new, partaking in a structured learning environment in the summer can be a great way to avoid summer brain drain. It will keep you partially in “school mode” and make returning in the fall seem like not so much of a drastic transition.