Begin your experience at 21CCCS with an open dialogue with our enrollment team. For those needing more information, we provide open houses where we can speak fully and specifically to how 21CCCS might best serve your individual needs. Your school year officially starts with orientation, where our staff will walk you through every area of your cyber charter school and new virtual classroom.

Enrollment Process

Our team strives to make enrolling at 21CCCS as easy as possible. We’ve streamlined our process to include two actionable phases for you, the prospective student or prospective parent, both of which reduce themselves to simply completing a few forms. For more information, visit our enrollment process page, or contact our enrollment team with any questions you may have.

Due to the high volume of calls you may experience a delay in a live call back. Please be sure to check the email you provided as well as text messages for updates and next steps. We look forward to starting the 2021-2022 school year with you!


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What's a day in the life of a 21CCCS student look like? A Day in the Life

Open Houses

Attending one of our Open Houses is a great way to meet us and learn more about our online high school and middle school. For your convenience, we schedule two types of Open Houses: In- person Open Houses, so you can see our office location and meet our staff, as well as virtual tours, for those interested in a solely digital experience. Both are great ways to learn about our programming and how our PA cyber school can really benefit you or your child. Be sure to check out the dates and times for our upcoming events!

21CCCS Open Houses


Starting school in a new place can be an anxiety inducing experience. We understand! Aside from building a new routine and schedule, there is the matter of getting used to your computer and the programs required for your virtual learning plan.

Getting started at 21CCCS is not something any student is expected to do alone. We offer a comprehensive orientation for each incoming student before classes begin. The orientation teaches students to walk through different menu options to see, hear, and learn how each learning tool works. An introductory screen might look something like the picture below. Each orientation task is broken into simple parts, making it easy to track your learning.

Online High School
Every year that students return to 21CCCS, we provide a refresher orientation. This helps to remind students to utilize certain functions within our software, while building on more advanced skills and tools. Students receive answers to their questions in our live Virtual Offices, ensuring they are ready to tackle what’s to come for the school year.

The software we use to communicate virtually with students is called Blackboard Collaborate; our software is incredibly interactive and user friendly, which students and parents find advantageous to the online-learning environment. The software enables teachers to communicate effectively and students to participate naturally in the class. Among other things, the program grants audio access (which is assigned by the teacher of the course), chatting privileges, writing permissions in the center of the screen, and more. Students are introduced to this software during orientation. Before long, they will know it very well.