What distinguishes 21CCCS from other cyber charter schools?

21CCCS is one of the highest-performing cyber charter schools in Pennsylvania. We are the only cyber charter school to have made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as many times as we have. 21CCCS also has one of the highest School Performance Profile (SPP) score of any cyber charter school in Pennsylvania. Visit http://futurereadypa.org/ to compare our test scores and graduation rates with other schools in the commonwealth. 21CCCS is governed by a Board of Directors composed of Intermediate Unit Directors, Public School Superintendents, and parents rather than a for-profit curriculum or educational management company.

How do students and teachers interact?

Students and teachers interact on a daily basis during the school week through phone, email and the Virtual Office (VO). Each course has at least one live lab a week where students can interact with their teachers and their peers. Students can speak with their teachers in the VOs regarding their assignments and the feedback provided by the teacher.

Does 21CCCS provide a computer and other school materials?

The school provides a MacBook, ipad, calculator and textbooks. Certain classes may have additional equipment requirements. In these instances, the additional equipment is provided by the school.

What kind of social activities do you offer?

At 21CCCS we recognize that learning, growth and development go hand-in-hand with building community. Students have a variety of online clubs they can participate in, and interact with fellow students via our Virtual Office and Live Classes. 21CCCS staff and faculty members enjoy participating in several events throughout the school year, held in different areas across the commonwealth so as to reach our regionally diverse student population.

Do you hold a graduation ceremony?

Once all graduation requirements have been met, students are eligible for graduation. We hold a formal ceremony for our graduates each year. Friends, family, staff, faculty, and more attend it. 21CCCS graduates receive a diploma with our school’s name on it.

Can your school meet the needs of exceptional learners?

Our Special Services Department caters to the needs of exceptional learners with 504s, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), and Gifted Individualized Education Plans (GIEPs). Through the diligent efforts of our staff members, unique programs are offered to students in need of any of these accommodations.