What is SAP?

A team of school staff who aim to identify students with problems, mental health concerns, alcohol and drug issues that are causing them to perform poorly in school.

Who should be recommended for SAP?
Any student at 21CCCS whose personal issue, emotional problems or challenges with drugs/alcohol are causing them to struggle in school and in their daily routine.

Who can recommend students to SAP?
Students can be recommended to the Student Assistance Program by a teacher, school nurse, school counselor, administrator, classmate, parent or concerned friend. Parent permission is required for students to participate in SAP.

The Student Assistance Team is comprised of a group of trained teachers, school counselor, nurse, and administrators who strive to provide support to students “at risk.” If the Team is notified that a student’s education may be in jeopardy, they will intervene in an attempt to identify ongoing problems. The overall purpose is to assist students who may have been negatively affected by life situations. The SAP Team is not intended to provide treatment nor to discipline students. It is dedicated to helping students recognize potential dangers and to provide options for change and/or recovery. We believe in the right of the individual and his family to decide on their personal course of action. The team has successfully accomplished their mission when a student and his family have an awareness of a problem and recommendations have been given to assist the family to resolve the problem. The decision to seek that assistance rests with the student and his family.


How to Make a Referral

Please note that the referral form is confidential, unless it is reported that there is harm to self or others. All referrals will be discussed in a weekly SAP meeting. If your concern is a life threatening issue, please call 911 immediately. If you have a serious concern about a student, please contact the student’s school counselor immediately (in addition to submitting this form). The referral form is reviewed during school hours, Monday-Friday 7:30 am – 3:30pm. All referrals received will be processed on the next scheduled school day. Please send all questions regarding the referral to SAP@21cccs.org or (484) 875-5400.

Submit the Referral Online