School Counseling

Our school counselors offer a vital support system for our students with both academic and personal concerns. The School Counseling Department assists with college and scholarship applications and helps students find summer programs that support their interests.  They communicate with each student to create an academic schedule that addresses individual needs in addition to graduation requirements.  Those requirements are shown here.

21CCCS Graduation Requirements 

22 Total Credits

Career & College Readiness* – .5 credit

English – 4 credits

Math, Science, Social Studies – 3 credits each

Additional Math, Science or Social Studies– 1.0 credit

Health/PE – 1.5 credits (1 credit of Health and .5 of PE)

Electives – 6 credits

*Completion of a culminating project is required.  21CCCS requires all students to complete elective “Career and College Readiness” to meet the requirement.

*Students must also meet the Act 158 Pathway to Graduation Requirement.

Foreign Languages Offered:
Mandarin Chinese I
Mandarin Chinese II
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
French I
French II
German I
German II

AP Courses Offered:
English Literature & Composition
Calculus AB
Environmental Science
Human Geography
US History

Transcript Requests

Our School Counseling Department is also able to provide our alumni with official transcripts. Please click here to submit the High School Transcript Request Form. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Homeless Student Resources

21CCCS believes homeless youth should be able to maintain access to an appropriate public education.  The links below provide additional information and resources to help families or children in homeless situations.  Please contact Allison Thorne at 610 897-7534 with any questions.

Information For Parents (English)

Information For Parents (Spanish)

PDE Homeless Education Portal

Educational Rights of Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Basic Education Circular – Education for Homeless Youth

McKinney-Vento FAQs