A Day in the Life

21CCCS prides itself on offering individualized instruction to every student and flexibility that allows students to find a schedule that works for them. For this reason, the day-to-day activities and assignments completed are unique for each member of our learning community. School Counselors, Academic Advisors, students, and parents work together to find a schedule and learning plan that works for each student. It takes the support of each member of the learning community to help students become successful. Therefore, everyone plays a different, vital role in that success.

What’s the School Year Like?

We follow a traditional school year calendar. However, there are no snow days in cyber school. There are no buses to catch early in the morning either! Unlike traditional schools, we do not have scheduling conflicts. The flexibility available in our setting allows students to work at their own pace. Students are encouraged to communicate their unique needs and situations, which then enables our teachers to individualize instruction for each student. Although student schedules are flexible, teachers help their students with organization to maintain consistent progress.

What Does a Typical Schedule Look Like?

All student daily schedules are a little different. The options are limitless, based on the desires of each individual student. Ultimately, teachers and academic advisors want to help students to find the routine that works best for them!


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