The Curriculum

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2020 – 2021 Student / Parent Handbook

2020- 2021 Middle School Course Catalog

2020- 2021 High School Course Catalog

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21CCCS teachers work collaboratively from our offices in West Chester, PA, and Murrysville, PA individualizing the curriculum to suit individual student learning styles and varying academic levels. Our teachers develop and update the curriculum based upon the Pennsylvania Core Standards and teach the core subject classes and most electives. All of our courses are designed to help prepare students for the next phase of their lives, whether that means continuing their education or joining the workforce. Our teachers, Academic Advisors, and school counseling department work together to ensure a student meets the necessary graduation requirements.

curriculum-moodleFor each class, a syllabus is posted and students are guided in their progress through assignments. Course lessons and assignments are listed through links, to be clicked and viewed in a particular order. This list divides lessons into parts and sections, making workloads easy to follow and break down into more manageable pieces. Students can keep their workloads organized by noting which lessons they are working on each day. Below is an example of what a list of assignments for a math class might look like. Every item is separated with icons to show students if there is a document to read, an assignment to submit, or an activity to complete.

In general, work can be completed any time of day during the week. Students use the Internet to access their classes, complete assignments, or check in with their teachers for feedback. They can easily do this from any location with an Internet connection. Teachers are available in virtual offices from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. for live support. Additionally, a live virtual class is held weekly for each course. Live classes are very popular with our students. In this real-time setting, our teachers can provide direct instruction, review instructional materials, and demonstrate how to solve problems. Students interact through a chat room or built-in microphone. They can ask and answer questions and participate in group discussions. The live classes are recorded, so students who cannot attend the live event can view it at their convenience.

Supplies for classes are provided for our students. 21CCCS classes may use a traditional textbook, an online version of the text, or a combination of both. We also provide a calculator and graphic tablet for each student. Art and physical education kits, as well as other hardware, such as a digital camera, are provided when needed for a specific course. To help students stay focused, internet blocking and tracking software may be used to remove access to sites that could be distracting or inappropriate.

Honors courses are offered differently at 21CCCS than in traditional schools. Honors coursework adds enrichment content to a previously existing curriculum. Students have the option to view the assignments developed for their core courses that will count as ‘honors level’ coursework. Should students feel they wish to take on the honors track, they can do this at their own pace. Once coursework is complete, if a student has obtained a grade of B or better for all assignments, including the honors assignments, the honors distinction will be added to the student’s transcripts retroactively. This gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to complete honors level coursework, and assess whether or not they wish to proceed on that track.

Often times, the largest challenge students face is that of time management in their new virtual learning environment. For this reason, support is available through the learning coach. The learning coach is also a teacher who has helped to construct and differentiate the curriculum. Their breadth of experience and knowledge will help your students to be successful with our curriculum.

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