Five Myths Busted About Cyber Charter Schools

There are plenty of misconceptions out there about cyber school. So, what should you know before enrolling at a cyber school? Read below to have the 5 most common Cyber School Myths busted!

Myth #1: My child can be denied enrollment to your school. FALSE! We are a school of choice. You do not need permission from an outside source to attend. As long as your child qualifies to attend public school within your school district, he/she will qualify to attend here.

Myth #2: My child will not be challenged academically. FALSE! Working on assignments through a computer does not mean less academic rigor. In fact, many of our students have found their online coursework to be more demanding and challenging than traditional courses offered through a brick and mortar school. At 21CCCS, students are challenged and assessed on their learning consistently. Students are expected to check into each subject area regularly to show progress and understanding. Further, we offer Honors, Gifted, and Advanced Placement (AP) coursework.

Myth #3: My child will not have an opportunity to socialize with teachers and friends. FALSE! 21CCCS provides opportunities throughout the school year to gather and socialize through on-site tutoring, field trips, community nights, and more! Event reminders are sent through email communications on a regular basis.

Myth #4: My child cannot participate in sports or extra curricular activities if he/she is a cyber school student. FALSE! As a student here, your child is eligible to participate in or tryout for all after-school sports and activities provided in your home school district if they are held after school hours and do not require a prerequisite course that must be taken at the district during the school day. 21CCCS also offers a variety of awesome clubs and activities to check out!

Myth #5: My child will not need to pass state standardized tests as a cyber school student. FALSE! We are chartered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Each of our students is required to take state standardized exams. Further, our teachers develop and update curriculum based on the Pennsylvania Core Standards.

To answer more frequently asked questions about cyber school, check out our FAQ page.