Delenn’s NHS Speech

On March 5th we inducted our newest National Honor Society members.  Delenn F.  gave the impressive speech below and we really wanted to share her message with our entire school community.  Thanks Delenn for your inspirational words!      Hello! My name is Delenn F, and I am a high school junior and a member [...]

Student Post

After reading an interview with author J.K. Rowling, senior Kezia W. was inspired to write about the attachments readers and authors develop to the characters in a story. Kezia takes Creative Writing at 21CCCS and is taking a Journalism class as well. Mrs. Vice thinks we might see Kezia’s name at our local bookstores someday! [...]

Student Post- The Human Condition

12th grader Breanna G. recently completed a “30-minute blog” in her Creative Writing class. Breanna and her classmates were given quotes by famous essayist Joan Dideon and had just 30 minutes to get inspired and write and edit a blog post. Lucky for us, Breanna was brave enough to share her wonderful piece, “The Human [...]

Interview with 21CCCS Student Donna S.

One of our talented students, Donna Saboori, is a teen writer for The Reading Eagle. In the interview below, she explains her experience with journalism and how it has contributed to her education.   1. How were you approached about this opportunity? My local newspaper, The Reading Eagle, placed an advertisement looking for new teen [...]

Conquering Test Anxiety

Testing time is just around the corner.  In this post we offer up some suggestions for conquering test anxiety and setting yourself up to succeed on standardized tests.   A, A, C, C, B, D and another open-ended!  We know that testing season can be very stressful. There is a lot of traveling and planning [...]

Student Post- The Elephant Eludes Us

Senior Alycia W. has been at 2st Century for the past three years. Alycia plans to take a gap year after graduation but promises Mrs. Vice she will continue to write during that time. Alycia was inspired to write this blog while completing a “30 Minute Blog” activity in her Independent Study class. Alycia also [...]

Learning a Second Language

Do you speak another language?  Do you have a goal to learn a new one?  In this post, Ms. MacLuckie interviews two of our staff members about their language learning experiences. There are almost 7,000 languages in the world. While some languages are spoken all over and reach almost every continent, other languages may only [...]

Why We Have Community Outreach Events

In this post, Miss Elder talks about what inspired 21CCCS to hold Community Outreach events and the importance of teachers knowing their students:   During my first year at 21CCCS, another teacher and I visited the house of a family from our school while they held a weekly meeting with other families from 21CCCS. Seven [...]

Parent Organization Newsletter

21CCCS has started a parent organization.  Interested in learning more?  Ms. Cherrier has the latest on what the 21CCCS Parent Organization has been up to. Hi Parents,   We have lots of exciting things going on recently with 21CCCS’ new Parent Organization.  The Parent Organization has been getting involved in lots of behind the scenes [...]

Tips on Traveling from the 21CCCS Staff

Do you have any interest in traveling in the future?  Ms. MacLuckie gathered traveling tips from members of the 21CCCS staff. The world is a huge place filled with different climates, people, and cultures. Taking the opportunity to travel can be an exciting, but sometimes stressful, experience. Whether you have never considered hopping on a [...]