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21CCCS Blog

Parents And Pupils Seeking Flexibility Pick Cyber Charter Schools In PA – Here’s Why

It’s easy to see why the “traditional” school setting can also prove to be an overwhelming one. We expect children to seamlessly transition from the comforts of home to an ever-changing list of classrooms, teachers, friends, academic expectations and more. It’s all a bit unrealistic and many parents/guardians have likely taken umbrage with negative critiques […]

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Online School Programs Make Room For Exciting Extra-Curricular Adventures

The cyber charter school sector is one that’s often considered to be in a league of its own. While meeting educational benchmarks is of utmost importance to teachers and administrators, the non-traditional setting often prompts many questions from pupils and parents alike. One of the frequently-asked questions is about extra-curricular activities. A cyber charter school […]

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Technology Offered By Best Cyber Schools In PA Ensures First-Rate Educational Opportunity

The thought of at-home schooling is one often marked by misconception. While parents were at one time responsible to a degree, modern technology has made at-home instruction by certified professionals a possibility. Those same rapid advances in technology have also turned at-home “classrooms” into places where modern concepts can be conveyed via equally-modern laptops and […]

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Why Cyber School Enrollment Is Growing

Cyber school enrollment has grown immensely over the last decade, and we’re here to explore why. According to the International Association for K12 Online Learning, there were 200 virtual charter schools in operation nationwide during the 2008-2009 school year, and that number has grown an estimated 30 percent annually since. The number of students taking […]

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How Cyber School Can Benefit Students with Physical Limitations

For some students that have physical or medical limitations, going to a traditional school can be difficult or sometimes impossible. Giving students the ability to work from their home or just about anywhere they can find a computer and an internet connection is a unique benefit of a cyber school that allows these types of […]

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21CCCS Offers National Honor Society Program

Established in 1921, the National Honor Society is an organization of the world’s highest achieving students. Whether it’s traditional schooling, home schooling, or cyber schooling, the very best and brightest students are recognized for their outstanding achievements by being placed on the national honor roll. But being part of the National Honor Society is about […]

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