March 20, 2019

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May 28, 2020

Nearly every facet of daily living has been upended by COVID-19 and getting life back to something that resembles “normal” is going to take a team effort. Education is one of the sectors struck hard by the coronavirus and all online charter schools, including 21st Century Cyber Charter School, have found themselves in a unique […]

May 19, 2020

The ongoing global health crisis has pushed the topic of remote learning to the forefront of any conversation about education. It’s for good reason, too, as receiving an education from the comfort and safety of one’s home makes things convenient and secure. 21st Century Cyber Charter School (21CCCS), which holds the highest score of any […]

May 9, 2020

As a time-honored way of getting a jump on the upcoming academic year and accumulating credits, summer school is the clear choice for proactive pupils. These classes provide a way for middle and high school students to take on additional topics and even accelerate graduation. 21st Century Cyber Charter School (21CCCS) has made summer school […]

January 20, 2020

In the past decade, enrollment in cyber charter schools has been on the rise and is projected to grow even more by 2025. Institutions’ reasoning for this rise in cyber charter enrollment tends to vary. In executive director of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools, Ana Meyers’ view, more parents are beginning to choose […]

December 5, 2019

Personalized learning experiences have begun to achieve popularity in American school systems and for a good reason. 21st Century Cyber Charter School knows that some parents may be unaware of the reasons while it is important to personalize the learning experiences of children and provides a list of 3 reasons to consider. Not all students […]

November 13, 2019

One of the biggest apprehensions for parents is whether the school that their children are placed in is a good fit. Parents know that a good school can put a child on the fast track for academic and behavioral success, but many are unsure of the ways in which they can find the right school […]

February 7, 2019

Today’s technological advancements often makes it feel like easier ways of accomplishing old tasks crop up daily. Not only is this true, but it’s a blessing to those who’ve grown tired of the traditional education model. Public schools, where students were expected to travel to and from five days a week despite family obligations and […]

February 5, 2019

It’s easy to see why the “traditional” school setting can also prove to be an overwhelming one. We expect children to seamlessly transition from the comforts of home to an ever-changing list of classrooms, teachers, friends, academic expectations and more. It’s all a bit unrealistic and many parents/guardians have likely taken umbrage with negative critiques […]