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Equipment drop-off accepted at Downingtown and Pittsburgh locations Monday to Thursday between 8am-3pm.
We are having an Open House at our Downingtown Location on Tuesday July 11th at 6:30pm.

21CCCS Blog

Camp 21: An Academic Experience Unlike Any Other

Now that the homeschooling in PA year is over, do you know what your children have planned this summer? In between the family vacations and mall hopping with their friends, will the majority of their summer be spent on the couch, binge-watching their favorite Netflix shows? Or maybe they plan on eating their body weight […]

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Cyber Schools and College Admissions

So, you’re thinking about sending your child to an online high school. While that’s a great decision, as a parent, you are probably concerned about your child’s ability to still be competitive in the college application process. Do colleges and universities look down on cyber schooling? Is the cyber academic environment comparable to that of […]

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What Makes Us The Cyber Charter School for Your Child?

Cyber charter schools are becoming more popular in Pennsylvania, as students and parents are realizing their benefits. Cyber charter schools give students the flexibility to set their own schedule and figure out how they learn best. A student can enroll in a Pennsylvania cyber school as long as they are a state resident and eligible […]

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Useful Life Skills that Online Schools Teach Students

What we learned in school went well beyond the lessons found in a textbook or the slide presentations given by teachers. Any adult now can tell you that the skills they acquired and developed in school were just as valuable as the lessons they learned. Now, in today’s Pennsylvania educational environment and the increasing presence […]

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Parents: How Can You Help Your Cyber Student Stay on Track?

As a parent, you are your child’s first and foremost teacher. You play a major role in your child’s education, and your actions and behavior can really influence your child’s academic success. Studies show students succeed at higher rates when their parents are involved in their education. With your help and support, your child can […]

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21CCCS Testing Schedules

Algebra Keystone Schedule Biology Keystone Schedule Literature Keystone Schedule PSSA ELA Day Schedule PSSA Math Day Schedule PSSA Science Day Schedule

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How to Manage School and Work

One of the major benefits of a Pennsylvania virtual charter school is having the flexibility to set your own schedule. This makes online schooling very desirable for students who need to work while pursuing an education. School and work are both your obligations, but balancing your academic responsibilities with your work commitments isn’t always easy. […]

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Transitioning from a Traditional to Online School

With the rise of technology, online schooling has become a popular option among students of all ages. While online education is common at the university level, it has become prevalent at the high school and middle school levels as well. A lot of students grades six through 12 are considering making the switch from traditional […]

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How Can Online Education Benefit Gifted Students?

Online schooling is on the rise in the United States, as many students, parents, and educators are realizing its benefits. Cyber schools offer students increased flexibility, convenience, personalized learning, and fewer distractions. How online education can benefit gifted students is a topic that is often overlooked. Traditional schools often lack a systematic way to address […]

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