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What Do You Do, When Inspiration Knocks?

Read below for another student blog! We are excited to feature our very own students! See what they have to say!

Piece By Anna Shcherbakov

I’ve learned that different people experience inspiration in different ways, because it comes in many forms. For me, inspiration comes through beauty, and through my heart. I look out of my window and see the sunset, and to me, that’s breathtaking. And it inspires me to capture that sunset and put it into a painting, or a song, to take that moment and make it permanently mine. The amazing thing about inspiration is, it makes you want to do great things.balda_sunset_sardinia_beach

When we are born, we are thrust into an adventure. Many times, it is an adventure we didn’t necessarily want. We are presented with a life, and along with it often comes a hard wooden stick, prodding us along, choking out, “Move it! Now!”

For me, inspiration is a relief from that bruised back. You aren’t forced into something you don’t want to do. When you are inspired by your own creativity, instead of being pushed into a corner, you are welcomed into an ocean of possibilities.

One of my favorite sources of inspiration is the internet. I feel like a kid in a candy store, picking and choosing between my favorite pieces of information. It’s great that most of the inspirational quotes and stories I find online are written by other teens. They inspire me to write, dance, draw, smile, love, and live. And, even though most of it is really down-to-earth, it inspires me.

Amazing-Scene-With-Sunset-MoonI read stories and see how other kids reach their goals by writing a clever or funny story, starting foundations that feed hungry kids, and more. When I read those stories, and see the websites of my peers, I think I could definitely do something just as big!

The problem with inspiration is, sometimes we only dream. An idea lodges itself in our hearts, and over time it fades away, as other junk piles on top of it. Uncovering that dream, pulling it out, and cleaning off the rust is hard work. We start working on something, then leave it half done and jump to our next dream.

Now, I’m not the most brilliant teenage girl there is. I don’t paint, dance, or play sports well, and I’m still half blind to the way life works. I’m a little girl with big dreams. But honestly, no matter where I get my inspiration, those dreams won’t get done if I sit around on my hands all day. So I’d advice you to get out there, get some inspiration, and then have a go at it. I know that’s what I’ll be doing.

You never know: your dreams just might work out.

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