The 21cccs experience

a day in the life

21CCCS prides itself on offering individualized instruction to every student and flexibility that allows students to find a schedule that works for them. Students are able to balance their extra curricular activities with their school requirement. School Counselors, Academic Advisors, students, and parents work together to find a schedule and learning plan that works for each student. It takes the support of each member of the learning community to help students become successful. Therefore, everyone plays a different, vital role in that success.

Two teen girl in athletic clothing, holding a basketball

What’s the school Year Like?

The flexibility available in our setting allows students to work at their own pace.

We follow a traditional school year calendar. However, there are no snow days in cyber school. There are no buses to catch early in the morning either! Unlike traditional schools, we do not have scheduling conflicts. Students are encouraged to communicate their unique needs and situations, which then enables our teachers to individualize instruction for each student.

What’s a typical schedule?

Students are able to complete summer school courses anywhere they have an internet connection.

All student schedules are a little different. Students may choose to work on each course once a day, or work on their courses on separate days. The options are limitless, based on the desires of each individual student. Ultimately, teachers and learning coaches want to help students to find a routine that works best for them!

Parent experience

We empower parents to engage with their child’s education, without the burden of homeschooling.

As a prospective cyber school parent, we understand you may have many questions you need answered. Our job is to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Have a specific question about how your child can excel in our school? Contact us today!

Some cyber school models require extensive parent involvement. At 21CCCS, parents can take an active role in their child’s education without the day-to-day demand of having to teach material. Monitoring student progress is easy, as parents have access to student activity logs and course grade books. If a parent has a question or needs help, school faculty and staff are an email or phone call away.

Apple technology in education

We are recognized by Apple for our inclusion of technology in an educational environment.

Technology brings our programs together and is the cornerstone of the 21CCCS experience. We our proud of the recognition we have received from Apple.

Apple Distinguished School

Clubs and Organizations

  • National honor society

    The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921. Today, it is estimated that more than one million students participate in NHS activities. NHS chapters are found in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, many U.S. territories, and Canada. Chapter membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service. Four main purposes have guided chapters of NHS from the beginning: to create enthusiasm for scholarship; to stimulate a desire to render service; to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools. These purposes also translate into the criteria used for membership selection in each local chapter.

  • Adventure Club

    A club that creates events throughout the year to get you out and moving and involved in adventurous activities! Keep an eye out in Cyber School Announcements for our next event!


    Interested in learning sign language or already know some? We will learn the alphabet, numbers, animals, food and much more! Everybody is welcome, please come join us! We will meet at the CLUBS VO every other Monday at 2:00 PM.


    If you like designing buildings, choosing decor or just like the general idea of architecture, this is the club for you! We will be using SketchUp, an architect software, to build the best building and vote for it. We will meet at the CLUBS VO every Wednesday 6:00 – 7:00 PM starting October 25.


    Students with a common interest in anything Lego© can gather together to share and inspire each other to be creative with Legos© while using engineering and problem-solving skills. We will meet Tuesdays at 1:00 PM.


    In Philadelphia, 1 in 5 Seniors live in poverty. They face the difficulties of making ends meet. Many of them live alone or rarely leave their homes and need help preparing meals. What can WE do about it? In our Charity Club, we will aim to learn more about poverty and how we can help the poor and homebound elderly in our community through Aid for Friends. Meeting are held on the first Monday of each month at 11:00 AM.


    Chess is a classic strategy game which challenges the greatest minds in the world. You are invited to this club to challenge your fellow classmates by showing your unpredictable moves. Anyone who likes to play or who would like to learn chess is welcome. We will meet on Fridays at 1:00 PM starting November 3rd.

  • Coding Club

    Would you like to learn how computer coding works? How about making your own app? Join the Coding Club and learn a skill in one of the fastest growing fields. We’ll be competing with each other using Scratch to make animations as well as learning HTML on CodeAcademy. Meetings will be held on Mondays at 12:00 PM.

  • Cooking Club

    Cooking Club is going global! We are going to learn how to cook awesome international meals to impress friends and family! We will also discuss safety in the kitchen, exchange recipes, and spend delicious time cooking! Meetings will be held on Wednesdays between 2:00 – 3:00 PM.

  • Craft Club

    Do you want to learn awesome crafts and DIY tips while spending time with your peers? If so, this club is for you. Join us every other Tuesday at Clubs VO at 10 AM starting November 14.

  • Epic Gaming Club

    We will talk about a variety of games, skills, and strategies. Students will also share their gameplay experiences with friends as well as are going to build battles online. Some of the games we will enjoy are Minecraft, Clash of Clans. Roblox, Clash Royal, Pacman, Pokemon Duel, Super Mario Brothers and Undertale. Meetings will be held on Mondays between 9:00 – 10:00 AM.


    This club will bring gamers in for a discussion about games! We will discuss the merits of various video games and of course play together. Meet us on clubs VO on Fridays at 1:00 PM.

  • Literary Magazine

    Every year, 21CCCS creates two literary magazines: one is written by and produced for middle schoolers and the other magazine is written by and produced for high schoolers. All students are invited to submit both art and literary pieces for publication. A team of student volunteers, along with the advisor, helps to edit the submissions and compile items to be published in the magazine. The format of the magazine depends on the students’ passions and interests at the time. It’s not uncommon for the editing and aesthetic creation to be done via email, but, typically, the editors come in to the office to edit as a group. Once the magazine is ready for production, we send it out to be bound and made into hard copy. Every student at the school then receives a copy so they can enjoy their school’s creative output for years to come.


    Mural Club is a club for any student interested in painting and collaborating with their peers. Mural Club meets on a weekly basis and each week, club members create a painting with step-by-step instructions from the teacher. At the end of the year, the Mural Club comes together to paint a large mural that is displayed in the school’s office building.

  • Percy Jackson club

    Hey, Percy Jackson fans! We will read and discuss the Percy Jackson books, do quizzes, play games and more. Join the club today and meet us on Fridays between 3:00 PM – 3:45!

  • Photography club

    We learn about various types of photography styles, techniques, and history. We also explore how to best utilize their camera’s features for optimal photos. Peers engage in weekly photo challenges and will have have the opportunity to display their photography in the spring art and talent show. Join the club today and meet us on Wednesdays at 3:00 PM.


    Discover the artist inside of you. You will find acting, singing, producing, garage band editing, script writing, drawing, and graphic design in this club. Join the club today and meet us on Mondays at 1:00 PM.


    We will learn how to survive in emergency situations, go over possibilities and emergency scenarios. You will be tougher than ever! This club is for everyone, don’t be afraid to come in and check out! We will meet every Friday in the Clubs VO from 2- 2:45 PM.


    Do you love to read, write, edit and illustrate? How about publishing your work? Then join us every Friday at 12:00 PM.


    The 21CCCS yearbook club is made up of student volunteers who work together throughout the year with the yearbook advisor. The goal is to create a comprehensive yearbook, cataloging the year’s events and memories so all members of the school can look back on them for many years to come. The students work together to organize, edit, and develop the school’s yearbook. Typically, participating students serve in specific roles in the club such as editor, art director, photographer, and organizer. The yearbook club meets on a regular basis throughout the year in a Virtual Office. By sharing screens and designing pages as a group, the club comes up with a variety of design ideas. These designs are put into the yearbook template and are reorganized and edited multiple times until a final product is chosen. Every year is a little different, so this club provides a fresh and exciting way to show school spirit and participate in something special. We are always proud of our end result and look forward to trying out new designs and layouts each school year.

  • Yoga CLUB

    Let’s learn how to deal with the stress as it comes. There are a multitude of Yoga styles that can help you achieve your goals. From reducing your stress to staying physically fit to improving your posture or even just increasing your flexibility yoga can help you tackle it! Every week we will develop an asana (movement) practice. Depending on the practice, we may include a small meditation or breathing section to wrap up the meeting. Join us every Thursday at 12:15 PM.