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Finishing the First Marking Period at a PA Cyber School Off Strong

PA cyber school

With the first marking period ending on November 1st, we know that students are thinking about how they can finish things on the right foot. Exams, quizzes, and important assignments. near the end of the marking period can be daunting for students who want to do their best, but there are certainly simple ways to reduce this stress and keep working towards academic goals.

Below are a few helpful tips that students can leverage to end their marking period at a PA cyber school off strong!

Stay Connected With Your Teachers and Academic Advisors

Staying in touch with teachers and academic advisors can be extremely helpful for keeping on the right track towards the end of the marking period. Teachers can provide a lot of assistance for students having difficulties with course materials and can help reinforce lessons that they may need additional help with. Even if a student has great grades and is performing well, staying connected can go a long way towards maintaining habits that keep it that way. Our Academic Advisors are an additional resource and are whizzes at keeping up with our student’s classes and communicating with them to ensure that they are receiving the guidance and instruction necessary to succeed. That being said, they are great for helping students evaluate what is working, what they may need to improve on, and how to create a winning strategy for the end of the marking period.

Check Your Learning Space

We have discussed learning spaces at length in the past — and for a good reason! Having a suitable area to complete assignments and study is essential for success in cyber school. At this stage, students have spent weeks in their respective learning spaces and may have a clear idea of how well the area serves them as they work towards their academic goals. If a student or their guardian has not looked into their home’s learning space, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Checking out factors such as the learning space’s location, lighting, access to supplies, organization, etc. can be beneficial for getting the most out of it. Not only does this help with keeping students in the right headspace for ending the marking period well, but it also assists with starting the next marking period off on a high note as well.

PA cyber school

Stay Organized

Experts find that, when we are organized, we are better prepared, less stressed, and able to focus time and attention on our responsibilities. Towards the end of the marking period, students may find that there are a few upcoming deadlines for their classes to keep up with. By getting in the habit of keeping track of these assignments and ensuring that the information is in an easy-to-see location, students will be much more ready to perform at their best. The importance of organization also extends to a student’s learning space. After weeks of use, things in the learning space may be out of place, unaccounted for, or simply in need of some sprucing up. Trust us, a nice and organized learning space can lead to an uncluttered mind and prepare a student for finishing their crucial last assignments and study sessions of the marking period.

Keep Up with Your Studies

Regardless of a student’s current grades, keeping up one’s studies is a vital part of ending the marking period off on the right foot. Staying motivated and avoiding procrastination is key here! If a student finds that their grades are not where they would like them to be, a great study plan can help them make all of the right improvements as the marking period ends. If their grades are looking excellent at this point, it is crucial to keep things going, as it can prevent slip ups right at the end. Students should always be sure that they are putting in the right amount of time for their studies and final assignments and remember that it is never too late to make changes to their study plans.

PA cyber school

Get Enough Rest

Adequate sleep contributes to students’ overall health, well-being, and ability to perform at their best in cyber school. That is why 21CCCS encourages our students to be sure that they are getting enough rest at all times during the period- especially towards the end. We know that some students are in their zone as they prepare for exams, quizzes, and finishing the rest of their coursework, but it is always important to ensure that this dedication is not coming at the sacrifice of a good night’s sleep. When you are properly rested, you are much more relaxed and capable of making the right academic choices. Naturally, this can lead to better grades and fulfillment of one’s academic goals.

Finishing Off the Semester Right Can Be Simple!

We know that the end of the marking period can be tough for students as they want to make the grade and stay ready for what’s to come for the rest of the school year. While the above tips cover just a few things that students can do to remain on track in the last couple weeks of the marking period, remaining mindful of one’s challenges at this point of the year, successes, and leveraging the resources that we have available at 21CCCS will help tremendously!

To all 21CCCS students, do your best and good luck with the rest of the first marking period!