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YouTube/Writing Contest Winner!

For this year’s YouTube/Writing Contest, 7th grade 21CCCS student, Sarah Saboori wrote a wonderful essay to describe her experiences at cyber school. She won for our 7th grade category. We are so proud of her inspiring words and wanted to share them with you here. Read below to learn how and why cyber school has made a huge difference in Sarah’s life. Great job, Sarah!

Coloring on the FloorIn her words:

Why do students choose Cyber School? I prefer Cyber School for many reasons.  My experience at 21st Century Cyber Charter School shows I can work at my own pace, collaborate with teachers and classmates, and socialize during clubs. I enjoy working at my own speed. If I don’t understand a lesson, I can take extra time to understand the concept. I ask my teachers questions when I need help.  A flexible schedule allows me to work ahead. I can individualize my schedule. For example, I can use technology to write presentations and essays, which makes it easier to complete work faster.

Also, teachers are always available in the Middle School Virtual Office. Teachers help me understand subjects. For example, if I do not understand an assignment, I enter the Virtual Office, and ask my question. The teacher answers my questions, and helps me to understand. I go to local community outreaches to meet my classmates and teachers, and work on my assignments. There are field trips once a month. They are always fun and educational.

21st Century Cyber Charter School has lots of clubs in which to participate. I enjoy going to cooking club, photography club, and short story club. An 8th grader from 21st Century Cyber Charter School says, “I enjoy going to the Poetry Club. Not only was I introduced to amazing new poets, but also I learned to analyze and apply them to my life.” All of the clubs are fun, and a great way to meet classmates and teachers.

Why does Cyber School work for me? Working at my own pace, collaborating with teachers and classmates, and socializing at clubs make Cyber School a wonderful learning experience.