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Why Parents Should Consider 21CCCS for the 2021 School Year

switch to online learning in PA

It has been over ten months since the first COVID-19 case was reported in the US. Many aspects of American’s daily lives have changed during this time, and perhaps one of the most publicized changes has been the effects COVID has had on our public school system. While many schools throughout the US decided to switch to online learning for their spring semester, some schools have chosen to reopen for their fall semester. Since then, parents have had to make the difficult decision between returning their child to an in-person learning environment or keeping their child home and enrolling them in online learning.

The 21st Century Cyber Charter School, or 21CCCS, is one of Pennsylvania’s top-performing online schools. Founded in XXX, 21CCCS emphasizes a personalized curriculum and the importance of a strong educational community. This educational method has proven successful by 21CCCS ranking within the top 8% on the College Ready Benchmark among Pennsylvania High Schools. Below, the 21CCCS will help parents decide the best learning method for their child and emphasize the many pros to an online learning experience.


An item on this list that cannot be left unmentioned is safety. At the forefront of every parent’s mind during 2020 and, potentially, the 2021 school year is their child’s exposure to the COVID-19 virus. As more studies are released discussing the dangers of in-class learning during the pandemic, parents are looking for alternative ways of keeping their child’s risk of infection low.

Lack of Disruptions

According to a University of Nebraska-Lincoln study, high school students are distracted on average during 20% of their classroom time. Frequently, students are distracted by friends, other students talking, or phone usage. A common incorrect assumption among people is that students taking online classes are more likely to use their phones without teacher supervision. However, lack of disruptions trigger self-motivation and determination in a positive way. 21CCCS understands this correlation and their Academic Advisors help mentor their students to focus on achieving their academic goals.

Focus on Technology

In a world with a growing reliance on technological advancement, the importance of students learning essential computer skills cannot be over-emphasized. Studies show that technological know-how is no longer the desired skill set in the hiring process but an expectation. To strengthen a future resume or have a greater chance at a promotion, students should learn, at minimum, Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop programs. 21CCCS understands the importance of computer literacy in the 21st-century job market and incorporates many different computer programs into their high-school curriculum as well as providing each student with a MacBook and iPad. Recently, 21CCCS was recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for these programs and their commitment to innovation and academic excellence.