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Who Are Our Students?

Read below to learn about the students of our school, as described by one of our English teachers, Kathleen Groff.

Kathleen pic

“So…what kind of kids do you teach?”

In my six years teaching here at the 21st Century Cyber Charter School, this has to be the question I am most frequently asked.   The concept of a middle or high school existing completely online is foreign enough to some people. Now try imagining what sort of students might attend such a school.

Luckily for them, I have a very thorough answer to this question!

I tell them that my students are athletes who are dedicated to their sport and training.  They work hard each day, pushing themselves both physically and mentally to reach the next level and achieve greatness in their sport and passion.  They need the flexible schedule we offer to accommodate their demanding practice schedule.

My students are also musicians and artists; they work their fingers raw perfecting a difficult concerto, while traveling to and from auditions to look for their next project.  They need to be able to travel to New York City several times a week or attend lessons during the day to continue growing as artists.

My students are dealing with the emotional scars of bullying and gossip. They come to our school to find a safe, accepting atmosphere.  They leave toxic and painful environments and make the brave choice to enter a new type of schooling. Our school is one where students are free to be themselves, learn, and build new friendships.

My students were once lost in a traditional classroom, as they silently watched the class move on to the next topic before they could gain understanding; they now thrive in an environment where they can receive one-on-one attention and work at a speed that is more comfortable for them.

My students were once tapping their pencils on a desk, bored by the pace of a brick and mortar classroom.  They wanted to be challenged academically and move through the curriculum at their own pace.  They need a rigorous course load that they can complete, given their strengths and abilities.

My students are members of families who value their homeschooling lifestyle and seek a superior education with certified teachers, which can still be delivered in their home environment; they are students struggling with medical issues who wish to learn while in the comfort of their own home; they are young mothers and fathers who are trying to care for their child while building a future through an education.

Ultimately, of course, my students are young adults who deserve a quality, flexible education that places them at the center.  They are the reason we do what we do here at 21CCCS!