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What’s Happening?…with Ms. Cherrier

Downingtown is a beautiful place to be on a Thursday!
Downingtown is a beautiful place to be on a Thursday!

On Thursday, May 2nd, I got home from school and found myself incapable of keeping my eyes open.  I was sleepy, bored, and perusing my Twitter feed.  Quickly I came across a tweet from #DowningtownDOES. (PS- I highly suggest adding all of the local blogs and newspapers to your own Twitter feed to keep you busy in a new area.)  The tweet stated “First ever Downingtown Farmers Market tonight from 3-7 p.m.”

Being a complete foodie, I had to jump in my car and head over there.  When I arrived, I couldn’t believe how many cars there were!  I was happy to be amongst others who share in my beliefs of shopping local and eating healthy.  I wandered around with other dog-friendly hipsters and taste-tested delicious cheeses and honeys.  I closed my eyes and laid in the grass, enjoying the music of a young group of violinists. I’m happy to report that the farmer’s market will take place every Thursday in Kerr Park throughout the rest of the summer.  I highly suggest checking it out sometime!