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What the Common Core Means for 21CCCS

It has become a buzz phrase: Common Core Standards. Across the country, states and the schools within those states are choosing to utilize the Common Core. But what does that mean? What are the core? Why are they so common? And what does any of this have to do with your child?

The “Common Core” is a set of standards that outline what children should learn in schools. These standards were developed in an attempt to establish what curriculum is needed in order to help children succeed in college and the workplace. Further, the Core Standards outlines how schools should hope to deliver adequate knowledge and skills to their students.

Working with a new learning template is no easy task. The country is abuzz with how to implement the new standards. At the same time, speculators are looking to analyze whether or not the Core can really help schools to achieve what they propose. Articles are constantly written, examining the Core and what they may or may not be able to do.

Edutopia.org has recently provided a series of five articles, examining the purpose of the Common Core, and the effects it may have on schools. The Heritage Foundation recently published information on their website about the Common Core that suggests some needed areas of learning may be abandoned when the Core are implemented.

What does 21CCCS think about the Common Core? They are meant to act as a guideline. They provide a robust template, offering insight into what children need to succeed in the public school system. The Instructional Systems Design team here at 21CCCS  uses the Core and develops individualized instruction that works for our students. We are in line with state standards and expectations and find that the new set of standards offers flexibility to learning.

Being informed is critical! For more information on the Common Core, see the article, “Facts High School Parents Must Know about Common Code State Standards,” provided by Studentnews.ie. And, if you learn of other articles that might help our constituents to remain in the know, feel free to comment via email or Facebook post! We love to hear from you!