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What Is the School Choice Movement?

The ‘school choice movement‘ refers to the concept that students and their parents should have the opportunity to attend school where they choose. As the shape of public education shifts over time, parents are more interested in finding alternative educational opportunities. Some parents favor the charter school movement while others are in search of vouchers and scholarships to send their children to private school. As a response to this, there are several organizations that exist to help parents navigate these choices.

How does 21st Century Cyber Charter School fit into the school choice movement? Because we are a public school, there is no fee to attend. Enrollment is not selective, but based on seat availability. As long as our school is not at capacity, we are able to offer enrollment. Being a cyber charter school makes it that much easier for us to accommodate the demands of our incoming students.

We enjoy being a choice for students because we feel that we offer opportunities for success. Students come to us in search of an alternative. In a recent article published by Lancaster Online, our CEO reported that we offer courses and opportunities that other schools can’t. We provide an online individualized curriculum to cater to our students’ learning styles. To learn more, CLICK HERE and read the article!