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What Are Our Teachers Doing for Spring Break?

We asked our teachers and staff what their plans are for the upcoming spring break. It seems many of the 21CCCS family is traveling.  Can you guess who responded to us?


“I plan to visit my son in Washington, try to play some tennis if the weather is nice, do some home improvement projects and try to relax…”

“I plan to visit my mother in Taiwan.”

“I am in the process of moving! I’ll be packing my bags! Plus, I get to talk about my super cool job at my daughter’s school for Women’s History Month.”

“I’m visiting Williamsburg, VA to see my Alma mater!”

“I have no idea!”

“I’m going to Atlanta!”

“I’m having a big Egg Hunt at my house!”

“I’m going to Delaware to see the sites! I also hope to get to the zoo, and to see my family.”

“I hope to do some home repairs and grade.”

“I won a free cruise to the Bahamas! So I’ll be there!”

“I’ll be in North Carolina.”

“I’m going to ‘Story Time’ with my son, and running with him in my jogger!  I can’t wait.”

“I’m going to visit my sister in Dewey Beach.”

“I’ll be in Rehobeth Beach.”

“I’ll be doing some work on my house and taking care of my dogs. They can be a handful!”

“I’m heading to Rhode Island to spend time with family.”

“I am taking my family to Myrtle Beach, even though the weather does not look too great.”

“I will have Mommy-daughter day all week since my husband works. We are going to the park, the nature center, and the ‘Please Touch Museum.'”

“I plan to spend lots of time cuddling with my daughter and teaching her how to sleep in the big girl crib.”

“I will be painting furniture!”

“My family is renting a log cabin in the Smokey Mountains.”

“I have a horse show planned. If the weather is good I will get some trail riding in, too. I am also taking my daughter and friends to the Mutter museum in Philadelphia. We have a lot to do!”

“We’ll be doing a lot of hiking, probably at Point Reyes.”

“I’m traveling to see my family in Georgia!”

“I will just relax.”