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We Made AYP! But, What Does That Mean?

Adequate Yearly Progress, or AYP, is a measure of a school’s yearly scores, received by their students for state standardized tests. It was enacted as a part of No Child Left Behind Act, first instituted under George W. Bush’s administration in 2001. The act allows state to set individual standards. Pennsylvania has been regarded as a high roller in this regard, due to the fact that our standards are both high and demanding on students and teachers alike.

Each year, students throughout Pennsylvania are tested in areas of science, math, reading and writing. Testing is held throughout the months of October, November, March, April and May. It is intensive for our students, but they are well prepared. Teachers spend time discussing test taking strategies, and what will be expected of students. Every public school in the state is responsible for having their students take these tests, and pass them with proficiency. Scores are recorded by PDE and posted on their website.

So, how has 21st Century Cyber Charter School fared? As an LEA, 21st Century Cyber Charter School was able to make AYP, yet again. Our Middle School made all required AYP goals. While our High School was not able to meet AYP goals, we are very proud of the strident efforts by students, teachers, parents, and everyone else in our learning community who contributed toward this goal. The future offers new challenges that we hope to tackle as the year progresses. We are confident that performance and efforts will improve with hard work and determination.

For details about our scoring, CLICK HERE and view what has been published by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.