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Transitioning from a Traditional to Online School

A book coming out of a computer with library on the screen of the computer representing online library, school, manual, instruction, e-book, research, search, dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia.With the rise of technology, online schooling has become a popular option among students of all ages. While online education is common at the university level, it has become prevalent at the high school and middle school levels as well.

A lot of students grades six through 12 are considering making the switch from traditional to virtual schooling because they feel it better suits their lifestyle and academic needs. For someone who has spent most of their years in a traditional school, the switch to an online school can seem like a big transition. Consider these tips for a smooth transition to online learning and to get the most out of your educational experience.

Designate a Specific Learning Space

While PA cyber schools don’t have distractions like class clowns and bullies, it’s important to create a designated home study space, where you can remain focused on your school work. This space should be someplace quiet, where you won’t be distracted by family members or the television. A desk in a secluded home office, for instance, makes a great learning space.

Commit to a Schedule

One of the major perks of being a cyber school student is getting to set your own schedule. With this, a cyber charter school offers great flexibility, allowing you to learn when it’s best for you. But, because you are responsible for setting your schedule and completing your schoolwork on your own time, you need to be very organized and create a daily schedule.

Whether or not you’re someone who needs to balance work and school, reach out to your teachers and learning coaches to help you build a schedule.   Your teachers and coaches can help you create a schedule around your other obligations to lay the foundation for academic success.

Utilize Your Resources

A key difference in online schooling is you aren’t being taught by a teacher in person. Just because you can’t raise your hand to ask a question or speak with a teacher after class, it doesn’t mean your teachers aren’t available whenever you need them. In a cyber charter school, teachers are always available, but you have to reach out to them. Your teachers and learning coaches are just a click away, so maintain open communication with them and ask for help and guidance whenever you need it.