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The Best Questions to Ask

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 1.28.13 PMToday in the state of Pennsylvania there are 16 active cyber charter schools offering tuition free, public education for children who reside within the commonwealth. This means that shopping cyber schools with and for children is a much more common endeavor.

Asking questions and inquiring about the best things cyber charter schools can provide is important because for the first time, there are choices. Having choices means having options. What is perhaps more important than having those options is what a person decides to do with those options. It is the opinion of 21CCCS that making a well-informed decision is not easy, but IMPORTANT!

We like to help make things easier for our families! Based on our own conversations and experiences, here are the top five questions you might want to consider asking as you contact cyber schools and communicate with their enrollment team members:

1.) What type of curriculum does your school use?

a- Who writes your curriculum?
b- Who teaches your curriculum?
c- To what standards is your curriculum aligned?

2.) Does the school offer an on-ground component?

a- Who teaches at those sites?
b- Are all teachers highly qualified and/or certified?

3.) What is course scheduling like?

4.) How often are your teachers available?

a- Will I have a direct line to my teachers?
b- How do I contact my teachers?

5.) What happens if my child has a problem with classes or technology?

a- Whom can we call?
b- What supports are available?

Happy hunting! Please let us know how we can further assist you with this process!