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21CCCS Testimonial – The Scholl Family

I was drawn to 21st CCCS when my son was being horribly bullied in our public middle school. I decided to start my search and noticed 21st CCCS was a top PA school that offered what we needed. My son was accepted and enrolled so quickly. The transition was so easy. All equipment and necessities were shipped here immediately. I swear, my son was happier than he’d been in years! That was in 7th grade. He’s now going into his Junior year with 21stCCCS. He’s High Honors and Distinguished Honors, constantly. And, he’s begun talking to kids again. He wouldn’t talk to anyone. He is on the spectrum, and socialization is difficult for him, but he’s truly coming out of his shell and growing more than I could have imagined. All in all, we absolutely LOVE 21st CCCS! You couldn’t pay us to go anywhere else.