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21CCCS Testimonial – The Kern Family

When Covid-19 made virtual classes a necessity for our family in the fall of 2020, we opted to explore a variety of cyber schools. While many cyber schools had appealing aspects, 21st Century was a stand out to us from the beginning because of it’s focus on the middle and high school grade levels.

The one-on-one assistance available through the virtual office is hands down one of the best features of this school. Knowing my kids could get assistance with their assignments and classwork whenever they needed it (without relying on me! Yay!) was a huge stress relief for me, as I work from home and can’t always be there to assist during the school day. The counselors pushed this concept from the beginning – Parents, be parents! 21st Century is the school and there are teachers, advisors, and counselors available to the students all day. Once I embraced this, our days became far less stressful.

Another concept that really stood out to me was the concept of teaching to mastery not memory. The kids were able to do their assignments and, if they struggled, go back, review the information, meet with a teacher, and then re-do the assignment in order to get a better grade.

I am beyond grateful for all of the support I received when I reached out to the guidance counselors for advice or to the academic advisors when trying to work through grades or the parent portal. I had no idea cyber school would be so rewarding and would recommend 21st Century to anyone considering a virtual/cyber program for their children.