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Technology Offered By Best Cyber Schools In PA Ensures First-Rate Educational Opportunity

Best High Schools in PA

The thought of at-home schooling is one often marked by misconception. While parents were at one time responsible to a degree, modern technology has made at-home instruction by certified professionals a possibility. Those same rapid advances in technology have also turned at-home “classrooms” into places where modern concepts can be conveyed via equally-modern laptops and programs. This approach is why the best schools in PA have flourished over recent years and while it’s an investment for all involved, it also offers an education that rivals anything to be found in brick-and-mortar middle and high schools.

When enrolling in 21st Century Cyber Charter School (21CCCS), which is one of the best high schools in PA, you’ll be provided with the following: A MacBook laptop with a charger, a calculator, a tablet or stylus. Come the 2018-19 school year, iPads will be phased in for 7th, 8th and 9th grade students.

Some of the programs and other gadgets that students will use include electronic dictionaries, PDF-format audio books, noise-canceling headphones and online supplemental educational programs that all serve to enhance the learning process. What’s more, teachers and staff at 21CCCS will be using the same exact hardware and software that students of this school are so everyone is on the same page – albeit a digital one – during instructional periods.

While homeschooling through a cyber school means there’s no bus to catch, there are also new at-home expenses that parents and guardians will take into consideration. This is where the topic of reimbursements comes into play and 21CCCS takes it very seriously because the administration wants parents and guardians to not incur any excess and unreasonable expenses. Generally, a $45-per-month reimbursement toward the home’s Internet bill will be offered provided the bi-annual form is submitted during the distribution periods. As we’re all generally familiar with the vulnerabilities of computers, the best high schools in PA will have taken this into account. This is the reason why 21CCCS has opted for MacBooks from Apple; they won’t get spyware or viruses that a PC would and this means parents won’t have to worry about fixing more pieces of technology at home.

Of course, all the bells and whistles are only worth the eventual payoff and 21CCCS can point to a track record of accolades to prove that this cyber school delivers. As the highest-ranked cyber charter school as acknowledged College Ready Benchmark and based off of SAT and ACT scores, the proof is readily available. Parents and guardians considering the best high schools in PA will undoubtedly appreciate the technology that’s offered but the fact that it contributes to an enviable education only makes this route a more logical choice for your child.