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Summer School Isn’t for Failures

Summer is well underway. The pools are filled with children of all ages enjoying the cool water under the hot summer sun. Playgrounds are abound with the sounds of laughter while the all too familiar jingle of the ice cream truck fills the air. It’s summer in Pennsylvania and the last thing any child is thinking of is school.

If you mention anything about school to children during their 3-month vacation, you can almost expect to be met with tears, tantrums, and flat out refusal to attend. It’s common. Many children (and some adults) still attach a negative connotation to summer school. It’s no secret that in previous years before the cyber school environment, summer school was primarily used for those students who failed courses during the regular school year and needed to make up the class to pass on to the next grade. Now, the tides have changed and summer school is more than just a “punishment” for children in the summer.

In fact, cyber summer schools have helped to change the landscape of summer schools for the better. Attending a cyber school summer program, like the one 21CCCS offers, provides students with a number of great benefits and opportunities to catch up, get ahead, or try something new.

One major way in which summer schools are great for children, whether they like it or not, is that these summer programs help to prevent summer learning loss. According to a 2010 study done by Johns Hopkins School of Education, children will, unfortunately, lose more than two and a half months’ worth of skills and education necessary to successfully integrate into the next grade. Instead of regaining this information in the upcoming school year, these educational losses continue to amass over the years. Enrolling your child in a summer program guarantees continued exposure to previously learned topics as well as the introduction to new ones.

Additionally, many children find it hard to balance their school work with their demanding schedule for extracurricular activities. In this competitive landscape, sacrificing one for the other just won’t do. Summer programs provide a great benefit in that they allow for children to focus on one class at a time. Whether you’re retaking a class or wanting to get ahead, this is a great opportunity to develop or refine your studying skills and focus on passing the one course.

The most noticeable benefit of summer school programs, specifically cyber school programs, is the flexibility associated with the scheduling. Many children and parents hold issue with the inconvenience of summer school as they have to work family vacations and summer trips around the class schedule. With a cyber school setting, the classroom goes wherever you go. This means you can still study and attend class at the beach, while babysitting for extra money, or wherever else your Wi-Fi connection can take you.

While the deadline for most summer programs has passed, many schools still hold late summer sessions that are perfect for easing students back in the school year. Learn more about cyber school programs here.