Flexible learning outside the classroom

Student Experience

Each 21st Century Cyber Charter student’s experience is unique. We provide a flexible, asynchronous environment, allowing students to build an educational experience tailored to their specific needs. Students are able to structure their days around a schedule that suits them. Each student is assigned a teacher to serve as their Academic Advisor. The Academic Advisor acts as a mentor. They track academic performance and communicate regularly to ensure the student receives guidance and instruction when needed. The relationship between the Academic Advisor and the student is very important and significantly impacts a student’s success here at 21CCCS.

Woman using magnifying to look at a leaf.
Leaf being viewed under a magnifying glass

community building

We recognize that learning, growth, and development go hand-in-hand with building community.

Staff and faculty members enjoy participating in several events throughout the school year, held in different areas across the commonwealth so as to reach our regionally diverse student population.

Students, friends, and family are all welcome to join our scheduled events, whether they are community outreach nights or field trips. Events are typically scheduled during the week and provide a wonderful opportunity for students to get to know their teachers and peers in person. Students and parents can learn of our scheduled events through email communications and regularly sent announcement fliers. We encourage students to get out and have fun. We love to see your smiling faces!

Teacher standards

Our teachers have helped students become successful with the curriculum based on Pennsylvania Core Standards.

Our instructional staff consists of full-time Pennsylvania certified teachers who work from our offices in West Chester, PA and Murrysville, PA. Each teacher works as an Academic Advisor while teaching their content areas. This grants them the opportunity to get to know students on a personal level. Teachers work to identify the learning strategies that will best serve the student and ensure success.

Teacher schedules vary from day to day. They provide both synchronous and asynchronous instruction using our web-based learning software. Students may communicate with their teachers by telephone, email, and exchanges within our virtual office.

Field trips and events

Students are welcome to participate in field trips throughout the school year. They are attended by faculty, staff, friends, and family, and offer a wonderful opportunity for socialization and learning.

  • Previous trips
  • The Monuments in Washington, D.C.
  • Ellis Island in New York, NY
  • North Park in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Adams Ricci State Park in Harrisburg, PA
  • Aquaculture Research and Education Center in Cheyney, PA
  • The Railroad Museum in Strasburg, PA
  • Pendle Hill Brinton House in Wallingford, PA
  • Hedgerow Theater in Media, PA
  • Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Michener Museum in Doylestown, PA
  • The Battlefields in Gettysburg, PA
  • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH
  • National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD
  • George Washington’s Mount Vernon in Mount Vernon, VA