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Parent Letter- Dear Cyber School Teacher

Recently, we received a letter from one of our parents expressing their gratitude for all our teachers do.  We felt compelled to share it.  

Dear Cyber School Teacher,

I don’t see you on the other side of the computer helping my child, but I can hear you. In your voice, I hear a hint that it’s been a very long day, and you are ready to call it a day but you stay a few minutes after your hours to make sure my child truly understands before you say goodnight. You help so many students and some days I bet you are not sure if you have made an impact or if they were listening. The experience in my house is they are listening. It is so exciting to walk in the house at the end of the day and have my child tell me about his day and what happened in Live Class before I even have a chance to put my bag down. Let me share what you didn’t get to see.

You didn’t get to see my child’s fist pump when you told him he correctly worked through a problem after you explained the concept. You didn’t get to see the change of his expression when he was feeling down about math and you told him how good he was at math, and he believed you and started believing in himself. You didn’t get to hear him talk about not wanting to read out loud in Live Class and how proud he felt when he finally did after you encouraged him. You didn’t get to see our expression when he chose a Macbeth work session over sports.

As a parent, I worry often that I am making the best parenting choices. I worry about his education and his future. As the quarter comes to the close and I watch him take responsibility and work harder to reach his goals, I know we have made the right choice. Being a cyber parent is not always easy, but it was the best choice for my child.

Thank you for encouraging my child. Thank you for taking those extra few minutes. Thank you for explaining the concept a third time to my child. Thank you for pushing him to give his best. Thank you for sharing your passion for your content and showing the endless possibilities of the future to my child. Thank you for being a cyber school teacher!


A proud cyber school parent