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More Contest Winners!

Here is another of our talented winners from this year’s “YouTube/Writing Contest.” Congrats to 11th grader, Claudia, on her hard work! Read below to see her winning submission.

Saved by Cyber School

Both my parents and I were hesitant about enrolling me in a virtual high school, but now we all wished we had done it sooner. This was the best decision we ever made. My old school felt like a nightmare; I was suffering from poor grades, bullying, and a lack of real friends. If I was having difficulty with an assignment, I couldn’t ask a teacher, mostly because the assignments were done outside of classes or at home. If I was confused, that was my problem. Deadlines were tight as well. There were times when I had to study for a test, finish a project, read five chapters, and write an essay all in one day without teachers making themselves available to lend their assistance if I needed help. Then there was the distraction of social conflicts; I believe it is safe to say that I had no friends at my public school. There were no outlets for me to showcase my individuality, nobody with whom I could share mutual interests, nobody willing to give me a chance. All of this took place in a school that has painted itself in the media as a utopian paradise. In October, my life completely changed when my parents enrolled me in 21CCCS. Teachers were always free to explain complicated material, I was able to work at my own pace, clubs of all sorts were available, and I was introduced to a wonderful community of students who were eager to welcome new people into their groups. Since enrolling in 21CCCS, my grades have skyrocketed from Cs to As, I am an active member in a few clubs, and I have a wonderful circle of friends.

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