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Kids that Enroll in Cyber Charter School Don’t Miss Out on Clubs and Sports

One of the biggest myths surrounding students that attend cyber charter school is that they miss out on extracurricular activities like clubs and sports. But we’re here to tell you that this just simply isn’t true.

Students who attend our Pennsylvania Online School have just as many opportunities to participate in clubs and sports as any public school student. Children who attend a cyber charter school are eligible to participate in or tryout for any after-school sports or activities that are provided by their home school district as long as they are held after school hours and do not require a prerequisite course that must be taken at a district building during the school day.

But sports aren’t the only way that online learning can be social! We also offer several groups and clubs that cyber charter school students can join so that they can interact with other students who share the same interests. The best part about these student-run clubs is that they’re all online, making them accessible for all cyber charter school students.

The list of clubs and groups vary from year to year based on students’ interest, but here are some that are currently offered:

Adventure Club: The adventure club gives students a chance to create events that get them out and moving for some adventurous activities. Nature hikes and rock climbing are just some of what students might get to experience in the adventure club.

Charity Club: For those students that are passionate about giving back, the charity club gives them the perfect avenue for doing so. The students in the charity club aim to combat poverty and help the elderly, among many other charitable goals.

Coding Club: If you’re a student who loves computers and wants to learn how they work, the coding club is the perfect fit. Students can learn how to build their own apps or webpages in this technologically advanced club.

Gaming Club: Gaming is common hobby amongst students, and the gaming club brings gamers together so that they can discuss and play their favorite games.

Photography Club: The photography club is a place where students can learn more about different types of photography styles, techniques, and history. How to properly camera features and ways to improve photo quality are also common topics of discussion.

Survival Club: Learn how to survive emergency situations and become tougher than ever by joining the survival club.

Yearbook: Our yearbook team is comprised of volunteer students who work together throughout the year with a yearbook advisor to produce a yearbook that catalogs the year’s events and memories.