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Individualized Attention From an Educator Can Have a Profound Impact on Student Success

personalized learning experience

Students who register for our online schooling program receive a flexible, rigorous, and personalized learning experience. With teachers available more than 56 hours per week to offer one-on-one assistance, every 21st Century Cyber Charter School student has everything they need to reach their academic potential. Today, we will dive deeper into the benefits of personalized attention from our dedicated educators. Personal attention has helped countless graduates reach their full academic potential and go on to enjoy success at the collegiate and professional levels.

One of the most significant advantages of personalized attention from an educator is that students feel heard and get immediate support. A large classroom in a traditional school setting will often lead to extroverted students interacting and answering the questions of their instructor while the introverts sit back. When introverted students fall behind or misunderstand an assignment, they can compound the problem with their silence. One-on-one instruction time at 21st Century Cyber Charter School allows all students to receive immediate support via Virtual Offices.

Our teachers are experts in learning the communication preferences of their students and understanding which teaching methods best benefit the students. Because online schooling programs provide flexibility and educational technology, teachers have much more information regarding collaborating with their students. This allows conversations and assignments to align with interests and inspire students to perform their best. Through 21st Century Cyber School’s staff-developed curriculum, it’s vital that our students feel comfortable and individualized attention provides a nurturing environment students can thrive.

While there are many ways students interact and learn social skills while attending our online schooling programs, scheduling one-on-one sessions with teachers can significantly reduce stress and boost learning tremendously. Individualized learning sessions are less stressful for some students than group sessions. The biggest reason is that the fear of failure or public embarrassment is reduced when peers aren’t there to judge or snicker. With a caring educator leading the way, no question is deemed too silly, and there’s no falling back on the ideas of others. A judgment-free zone allows a child to develop into themselves during their years of online schooling. Students are encouraged to learn to take responsibility for their work and effort to master their educational materials properly. Teachers can monitor and gauge each student’s academic progress and develop strategies for student success. More importantly, educators can also diagnose areas where a student may be struggling, which helps them to adjust lesson plans and course projects to benefit each student.

Finally, in the digital age, there are many benefits, but there are also many distractions. One-on-one instruction time demands a student’s focus solely on what is being taught. Not only are there no other students to distract attention, but there’s also no chance to stare at a phone or get lost scrolling on a social media app. With one-on-one interactions, all attention is directed precisely where it should be focused between a teacher and student.