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Enrolling in a Cyber Charter School for 2020-21 is as Easy as Following these 5 Steps

The ongoing global health crisis has pushed the topic of remote learning to the forefront of any conversation about education. It’s for good reason, too, as receiving an education from the comfort and safety of one’s home makes things convenient and secure. 21st Century Cyber Charter School (21CCCS), which holds the highest score of any online charter school on the College Ready Benchmark, provides parents and guardians with an alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar public school in their community. To those who are considering a cyber charter school for the next academic year, 21CCCS will start accepting enrollments in June 2020.

The process of enrolling in a cyber charter school is easier than ever and only requires a few steps. For the convenience of parents/guardians who are contemplating this for the 2020-21 school year, please consult the directions below.

Vaccination Reports

Pennsylvania law requires that vaccination reports be submitted no later than five days after enrolling in 21CCCS. Additional information from the Pennsylvania Department of Health can be found here and here.

Initial Inquiry

The initial inquiry form is used by 21CCCS to obtain contact information for applicants. From there, a school enrollment team member will reach out for introductions and to answer any questions regarding the cyber charter school system.

Registration Access

An easy-to-use link will be sent to applicants who’ve made the initial inquiry outreach.

Enrollment Packet

Once you’ve filled out information requested during the previous step, 21CCCS will email an enrollment packet. The registrar will require immunization records, proof of age and residency as well as existing academic records.

The Final Step

Once we have received the completed packet, the parent/guardian will receive a notification from the registrar. This communication will convey the official enrollment with 21CCCS.

We will all emerge from the coronavirus era with many personal lessons learned. To those who’ve tried to balance teaching their children with work obligations, the difficulty of doing so may leave a lasting impression. According to this April 2020 article from The New York Times, “parents have to play teacher’s aide, hall monitor, counselor and cafeteria worker — all while trying to do their own jobs under extraordinary circumstances.” For those deemed “essential” during the coronavirus pandemic, the alternatives have meant students home with one parent or possibly none – while still trying to learn on their own.  Online charter schools represent a modern form of learning, where the student’s academic day is completed at home and guided by licensed instructors.

Rolling enrollments will also be offered throughout the year. The dates are as follows:

  • August 26 and 31
  • Sept . 8, 14, 21 and 29
  • Oct. 5, 13, 19, and 26
  • Nov. 9, 16 and 30
  • Dec. 7 and 14
  • Jan. 4, 11, and 26
  • Feb. 1, 8, 16 and 22
  • March 1, 9, 15 and 22