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Cyber Schools Save Kids

We see first hand how our school is changing the lives of our students. Cyber education offers students the kind of individualized instruction that encourages them to embrace learning. Our students are excited to log into their classes each day. They work with teachers who show students how to heighten their natural abilities, hone their strengths, and challenge their weaknesses.

The news about cyber school success is spreading! A news release recently posted by the Commonwealth Foundation on PATownHall.com reports that Pennsylvania’s  cyber schools are providing the alternative students have been looking for. A reporter at the Commonwealth Foundation, Nate Benefield said, “Education has finally caught up with twenty-first century technology to produce viable choices for parents and opportunities for students to grow, learn, and thrive in a competitive global market.”

21CCCS proudly contends that our learning styles and strategies are reaching a population of students in search of something different. Education is accessible by all when offered in different delivery models. Because 21CCCS is able to accommodate and shift instruction to be presented in inventive and exciting new ways, our students reap the benefits. We hope to help others see how cyber education can offer more than just computer screen images to its students. We are offering resources, opportunities, and growth in education for students.

To read the case study on which the PATownHall.com article was written, entitled, The Learning Revolution, CLICK HERE. It was released by the Commonwealth Foundation in October of 2012.