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Is a Cyber Charter School Right for Your Child?

Pennsylvania virtual charter schools are revolutionizing what it means for a child to get a truly individualized, high quality education—and one that prepares them for the digital future. Online charter schools provide an alternative to traditional K-12 schooling, one where students can work asynchronously and in a more self-directed way, while striving for the highest possible academic achievement. Many parents find themselves wondering if this kind of school might be right for their child. And for many, the answer is yes.


There are many different kinds of families and children who choose a Pennsylvania virtual charter school. It’s a personal choice that only you can make. Here are some of the top reasons we see with students who thrive in the virtual environment:

  • To learn to be self-directed. One of the most important life skills for anyone growing up today is being capable of taking initiative and managing oneself in self-directed work activities. This has always been a key skill for leaders and is increasingly in demand for top jobs across all industries. A virtual charter school helps students learn this habit at a young age, by allowing them to structure their own schedules around fixed academic requirements. Academic mentors will help the student build a schedule that will allow him or her to be successful.
  • To provide stability with busy schedules. All kinds of families find value in an online school, but for many, it’s a way to accommodate a life that is busy with other interests. Traditionally, students would attempt to balance a schedule that required them to be in school for seven straight hours with pursuit of an outside interest such as acting, dancing, music, or athletics. With an online school, students are still able to have the structure of formal schooling while working their school hours around an intense pursuit of their interests.
  • To teach 21st century computer skills. The future of business is online. When your child grows up, they will perform many of their work tasks in an online environment and often work with colleagues and supervisors who are in different cities or even on different continents. By growing up in this kind of environment, they will be at home in tomorrow’s professional climate.
  • Individualized education. The flexible environment provided by cyber charter schools allows students to build an educational experience tailored to their specific needs. Students are able to structure their days around a school schedule that suits them, spending less time on subjects they learn easily and spending more time on subjects they struggle with.