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Critics Are Asking: Are Cyber Schools Making the Grade?

The critics are everywhere. Although the cyber school movement has been in full swing for more than a few years (with Pennsylvania at the forefront), developments are occurring constantly, shifting what cyber school looks like for students across the country. With constant growth, development, and change, it’s no wonder people are asking, “Are cyber schools making the grade?”

Assessing this question is no easy task, and it leaves room for plenty of speculation. In an article recently released by ‘Lancaster Online,’ reporters Mary Beth Schweigert and Chip Smedley report on some of the differences between cyber charter schools, some of the arguments for and against them, and whether or not they can perform the job of traditional brick and mortar public schools.

One of 21st Century Cyber Charter School’s students was featured in the article, expressing that our teachers are supportive and helpful. Our student is receiving the type of education he sought when considering cyber school.

Later in the article, our CEO, Jon Marsh, commented on the types of courses we have made available online. Further, the article provides a well-rounded assessment of what is provided through a cyber delivery of education.

The bottom line remains this: because charter schools each operate under different charters, each school operates a little differently, following different learning models and educational strategies. 21CCCS has been fortunate to find successful ways to cater to the needs of our students. For more information on one of our learning models, CLICK HERE.

To view the recently published article from ‘Lancaster Online’ CLICK HERE.