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What Are Common New Year’s Resolutions for Students at Cyber Schools in PA?

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The start of a new year is an important time for students at cyber schools in PA. Not only does it give them the chance to evaluate what is working for them as they build towards their learning goals, but it also provides the opportunity to build on aspects of their academic careers that they feel could use some improvement.

Cyber school students often create New Year’s Resolutions to help keep them on track as they continue on the path of their learning goals. Here, 21CCCS explores a few of the most common resolutions for students as well as how students can work towards making them a reality.

Building Strong Connections with Students and Teachers

One common New Year’s resolution for cyber charter school students is to build strong connections with fellow students and staff. After all, any school experience is enhanced when you know that you fully take advantage of the support of your classmates and teachers.

As one of the leading cyber schools in PA, 21CCCS recognizes that keeping students fully engaged on their learning paths is much easier when they can foster strong connections with others. For some students, this means venturing out of their comfort zones a bit by reaching out if they have questions or need any clarification on their coursework. 21CCCS teachers have live teaching sessions weekly and are available in their virtual offices from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. for live support every weekday, giving students ample opportunities to build strong, lasting connections with them as they progress through the course.

Enhancing Learning Spaces

21CCCS maintains that students’ learning spaces- the area of their homes where they work on their coursework- play an important role in keeping them connected during remote learning. With that being said, no learning space is perfect, and students frequently want to enhance their environment to best fit their personality, individualized learning needs, and improve access to materials they need the most throughout the day.

Luckily, there are several ways that they can go about it with the help of their parent or guardian. For example, one of the simplest ways to improve a learning space is to make materials needed for class easy to access from their desk. This is because spending too much time looking for class materials can break focus and make learning less immersive overall. There are other ways to build on a learning space as well such as letting students add personal touches and helping the area feel more comfortable.   Working on a Well Structured Schedule

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Work for cyber charter school courses can usually be completed at any time of day during the week, meaning that students have a lot of freedom when building their daily schedules. Still, some students may have had an experience with leaving work until the last minute only to be stressed when it is time to turn it in. This leads to them establishing a New Year’s resolution to set a schedule for completing work that best sets them up for success.

Teachers at 21CCCS and other cyber schools in PA guide students in their progress through assignments. Lessons and assignments are divided into sections and are set up to be viewed in a particular order. While this certainly helps students break lessons up into manageable pieces, they still have the freedom to decide what times work best to complete them- as long as they are completed by their deadlines. Naturally, students will want to schedule their work in ways that allow them to finish lessons without undue stress. Prioritizing working on a schedule that provides enough time for each class is a great way to start the new year.

Getting Support from Parents or Guardians

Cyber schools may provide students with a lot of freedom to work at their own pace, but they will still need support from others in their circles much like any student in a traditional school environment would. For most this means that their parents or guardians will want to play an active role in ensuring that they are on track on their learning paths and feel as though they are equipped to deal with any potential obstacles along the way.

Cyber charter school students often base their New Year’s resolutions around having the support necessary to be set up for success throughout the remainder of the school year. There are many ways that a student may seek out support from members of their household. For example, maybe they would like mutual reading time, want to improve their learning space, or would like a system for quiet time while they are working. Empowering your student to ask for help when needed will not only keep them prepared for school but also provides the opportunity to build on your connection as a key part of their support system.