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Blackboard Collaborate Testimonials

Discover How 21CCCS Students Use Blackboard Collaborate For Successful Online Learning!

How do students learn in an online environment? This is a question that many students and families ask when considering Cyber School. The 21st Century Cyber Charter School (21CCCS) offers the latest technology and tools students need to collaborate and interact with their teachers and classmates in an online learning environment. 21CCCS students had an opportunity to discuss their use of Blackboard Collaborate, the school’s web conferencing and virtual office program, and were featured in a presentation by Blackboard Collaborate’s president!

21st Century Cyber Charter School students were featured in the keynote presentation at the 2012 Blackboard Collaborate Connections Summit held in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Blackboard Collaborate President Maurice Heiblum gave the keynote presentation for the three-day summit, which featured the unveiling of Blackboard Collaborate, hands-on workshops, networking opportunities, and customer-led sessions.

21st Century Cyber Charter School students spoke about the advantages of using Blackboard Collaborate to enhance their online learning experience. Students gave insight into how the flexible nature of the virtual office has helped with their different learning styles in an online environment and how its use has increased their communication, interactivity, and socialization with 21CCCS teachers and classmates.

Thank you to all of the 21st Century Cyber Charter School students who participated!

The 21st Century Cyber Charter School is a public, non-profit, diploma granting cyber charter school serving students in grades 6-12 throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For more information please visit 21CCCS.org.

For more information on Blackboard Collaborate access their website at www.blackboardcollaborate.com.