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Alumni Spotlight: Jesse Kitzen-Abelson

Read below to  learn about another one of our spectacular alumni! Meet Jesse!

Hello teachers, students, alumni, and families of the 21CCCS community.  My name is Jesse Kitzen-Abelson and I was enrolled with the cyber school from 2004-2006.  As with any situation, we get out of life what we put into it.  Cyber school is not for everyone. However, if you take the time and put in the effort to do well, I believe you can gain many advantageous skills in comparison to other public school students. This was the case for me.

When I graduated and attended school at Temple University from 2006-2011, I found myself with a special set of skills thanks to cyber school. When I returned to the classroom, I noticed that I had learned how to problem solve and figure things out on my own. This is a crucial skill to have that has served me well.  Another great thing about 21CCCS is that it allowed me to have a flexible schedule.  That schedule allowed me to balance gymnastics training with my academics, so I could compete for a collegiate squad.

At Temple, I majored in Kinesiology (exercise physiology) and competed on the varsity gymnastics team from 2007-2011.  It was a remarkable experience and it led to many other great things. I was able to travel the country, train with a great group of guys, and compete against Olympians at the NCAA championships.

After I graduated, my coach told me that one of his life-long friends was looking for a new coach for his gym in South Africa.  Clearly, I could not pass up such an incredible opportunity. I arrived here in South Africa in September 2011. It is been nearly two years since my arrival. The time has flown by, since I am doing what I love. Cyber school paved the way for me, and I know it can make a difference for others as well.

Click here to see a recent highlights video I made from our March-April training. I hope you enjoy it!