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A Visit from Senator Folmer!

21CCCS was fortunate to host the Senate Education Committee Chairman, Senator Mike Folmer, this past Tuesday. These meetings are usually opportunities for small schools like ours to show our local legislators what we are all about.  Charter schools and the School Choice Movement have gotten a lot of attention in recent years. For the coming year, we are anticipating charter school funding reform, further discussion of the Common Core, and Keystone Exams, and more. With so much happening across the legislative landscape, we wanted to contribute to the discussion.

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We shared with Senator Folmer how our individualized instructional model works here at 21CCCS. We spoke to our students’ needs and how we accommodate them. We shared how proud we are to teach such a diverse student body, and how cyber education has given many students the learning model they need to succeed. The senator observed some of our teachers and had an opportunity to speak with Mrs. Vice, Mr. Kinsch, and Ms. Ball.  He asked about how successful our students are and how our school’s model contributes toward learning and academic success.

We had a great visit!

If you would like to help inform your own legislators about some of the benefits of cyber charter schooling, you can do this, too! Write letters, send emails, and follow these individuals on social media. Your opinions and thoughts matter! Your voice makes a difference and can help frame the discussions occurring in our Capitol. Learn more here:http://www.pasenategop.com/committees/education.htm