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21st Century Cyber Charter School Promotes Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

Proudly educating students from grades 6-12, 21st Century Cyber Charter School understands how pivotal these years are in the lives of each student. Not only does 21st Century Cyber Charter School look to provide a personalized curriculum that allows for students to reach their full educational potential, but we also look to provide a supportive educational community that boosts the mental well-being of each student. The world has taken great steps towards mental health awareness and the state of Pennsylvania is no different. Today, we will look at why mental health development is so pivotal for students during this stage of their development into adulthood.

As physical health is important to performance in a child’s sport or activity of choice, mental well-being can play a crucial role in cognitive development. Being mentally healthy as a preteen or teenager means reaching certain emotional and developmental milestones and learning coping skills. Human experience leads to difficulties and tribulations for everyone. A mentally healthy person can face these trials and tribulations and come out on the other side without deterring their educational development. They can also focus on their schoolwork with a positive attitude, which can make all the difference for someone looking to retain information .21st Century Cyber Charter School understands that we play a major role in the mental health of our students. By providing a positive learning environment, students feel a sense of inclusion and care that supports mental wellness.

No One Suffers Alone

It is important to note that mental health disorders are not uncommon amongst children in grades 6-12. Parents, teachers, friends, and family can all look out for students by checking in and noticing any significant changes in mood or behavior. It’s human nature for everyone to experience moments of doubt or fear but when these feelings start to interfere with home life, school life, or friendships, they most likely need to be addressed more seriously. There are also various reasons for the development of a mental health disorder, so it is vital to move past any stigma and instead focus on taking the necessary steps to support a student in need.

The official Pennsylvania state website offers many different resources for people to take advantage of to assist their child. There’s no one set path to improving mental health. The important thing to note is that there are options for everyone, and no one should suffer in silence. 21st Century Cyber Charter School will continue to do everything in our power to support students in their educational endeavors and provide them with the confidence they need to flourish in and out of the cyber school classroom.