What distinguishes 21CCCS from other cyber charter schools?

  • 21CCCS is the highest performing cyber charter school in Pennsylvania. We are the only cyber charter school to have made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as many times as we have. 21CCCS also has the highest School Performance Profile (SPP) score of any cyber charter school in Pennsylvania.  Visit http://paschoolperformance.org/ to compare our test scores and graduation rates with other schools in the commonwealth.

Do I need approval from my school district to enroll my child?

  • No, 21CCCS is a school of choice. As long as your child is entitled to attend your local school, you can join 21CCCS.

What does my child need in order to succeed at 21CCCS?

  • A successful cyber student is a self-advocate and has good time management skills. Our instructional staff will work with him or her to assure good time management skills if this doesn’t come naturally to your child. A successful 21CCCS parent is supportive, encouraging and helps to foster the communication between the student and teachers.

How do students and teachers interact?

  • Students and teachers interact on a daily basis during the school week through phone, email and the Virtual Office (VO). Each course has one live class a week where students can interact with their teachers and their peers; this is also the case in the Virtual Offices that are open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 8pm and Friday from 8am to 4pm. Students can speak with their teachers in the VOs regarding their assignments and the feedback provided by their teacher.

Does 21CCCS provide Internet access and technical support?

  • We can provide a dial-up Internet account, if needed, however we highly recommend high speed Internet to support the various types of media we use for instruction within our courses. The school will reimburse up to $75 per month for the cost of the service during the school year. Our technical support department is available five days a week to help with any issues.

How will my child be placed in 21CCCS and will all of the credits transfer from the previous school?

  • Students are placed based on their previous academic records and new students are closely monitored the first few weeks to ensure they are appropriately placed in their classes. All of the credits your child has earned in any public, private or parochial school, including homeschool, will transfer to 21CCCS, provided they fall into the Pennsylvania Department of Education guidelines.

How is physical education taught online?

  • Students are taught lifelong fitness and healthy living skills. They learn about heart rates and how exercise effects the heart rate through the completion of weekly fitness logs. Middle school students must complete two 30 minute workout sessions for each fitness log and high school students must complete three 30 minute sessions a week. Students who are on a team or participate in regular physical activity can request off-campus fitness logs that allow practice and game time to be logged as a workout. Students would need to submit a letter that states their coach or instructor is licensed or certified in that activity.

Can students participate in extracurricular activities at their local school?

  • Pennsylvania law allows cyber charter students to participate in activities in the home school district that take place outside of the normal school day. This includes sports and after-school clubs.

How many students attend college after 21CCCS and where have they gone?

  • An average of about 80% of our students go on to attend college after graduating from 21CCCS. Some of the colleges and universities our students have been accepted to include Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania State University, Berklee College of Music, The Julliard School and the University of Pittsburgh, among many others. Please click here for a complete list.