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Please join us Wednesday, July 25th at 6:30 p.m. in Downingtown for the 21CCCS Open House!

21CCCS Blog

21CCCS Not Only Producing Scholars, But Athletes As Well

Pennsylvania’s highest-performing cyber school—21st Century Cyber Charter School—is already considered one of the best cyber schools in PA because of its impressive academic scores and undeniable achievements. But now 21CCCS is making waves in the world of athletics by producing some amazing athletes to go along with its many scholars. There are many who believe […]

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21CCCS Infographic: Keeping Students Safe Online

As a virtual charter school in Pennsylvania, education and security are two of our top priorities. Whether students are accessing their lessons or conducting outside research to complete an assignment, it’s important to protect them against the dangers that can be present online. With a little knowledge and proactivity, we can work together to keep […]

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A Day in the Life of a Cyber School Student

Enrolling in a Cyber School like 21CCCS, a Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, can provide an education that’s built around you. 21CCCS offers individualized instruction to every student and flexibility so that students can find a schedule that works best for them. This approach makes for day-to-day schedules that are unique for each student, so it’s […]

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Why Choose 21CCCS For Your Child?

Parents have to make many tough decisions for their children. But choosing what school they should attend is now easy thanks to 21st Century Cyber Charter School. That’s because 21CCCS is one of the best cyber schools in PA. Pennsylvania’s highest-performing cyber charter school serves students in grades 6-12 and provides a unique blend of […]

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What to Know for 21CCCS Enrollment 2017-2018

It may seem like just yesterday, school was out for the summer and you sent the kids off to camp. Now, it’s August, and a new school year is right around the corner. Soon, yellow school buses will be back on the road and children will be sitting at the kitchen table doing their homework. […]

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Summer School Isn’t for Failures

Summer is well underway. The pools are filled with children of all ages enjoying the cool water under the hot summer sun. Playgrounds are abound with the sounds of laughter while the all too familiar jingle of the ice cream truck fills the air. It’s summer in Pennsylvania and the last thing any child is […]

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Camp 21: An Academic Experience Unlike Any Other

Now that the homeschooling in PA year is over, do you know what your children have planned this summer? In between the family vacations and mall hopping with their friends, will the majority of their summer be spent on the couch, binge-watching their favorite Netflix shows? Or maybe they plan on eating their body weight […]

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Cyber Schools and College Admissions

So, you’re thinking about sending your child to an online high school. While that’s a great decision, as a parent, you are probably concerned about your child’s ability to still be competitive in the college application process. Do colleges and universities look down on cyber schooling? Is the cyber academic environment comparable to that of […]

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What Makes Us The Cyber Charter School for Your Child?

Cyber charter schools are becoming more popular in Pennsylvania, as students and parents are realizing their benefits. Cyber charter schools give students the flexibility to set their own schedule and figure out how they learn best. A student can enroll in a Pennsylvania cyber school as long as they are a state resident and eligible […]

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