Student Life

What is the school year like?

We follow a traditional school year calendar. However, there are no snow days in cyber school. There are no buses to catch early in the morning either! Unlike traditional schools, we do not have scheduling conflicts. The flexibility available in our setting allows students to work at their own pace. Students are encouraged to communicate their unique needs and situations, which then enables our teachers to individualize instruction for each student. Although student schedules are flexible, teachers help their students with organization to maintain consistent progress.

What does a typical schedule look like?

All student schedules are a little different. Below is a sample schedule, constructed by a student who preferred to work on each course once a day. This is just one example, highlighting how a student might choose to work. The options are limitless, based on the desires of each individual student. Ultimately, teachers and learning coaches want to help students to find the best routine that works for them!


What do our students say?

Here’s what our students are writing about us:

  • “I start working by nine, and most of the time I do whatever synchronous class is available for that day. If I finish work early, I move onto the next topic. If I’m on a roll I can knock out more coursework. I usually try to attend the synchronous classes, because I think the chance to interact with the teachers and other students is valuable.” – Thoughts of a 10th grader
  • “I want to say a huge thank you to 21CCCS teachers and staff for making an online educational system where students can create their own schedules. You guys work so hard and it is greatly appreciated by me. Being in the school for almost 6 years, it has been the best years of my education.” – Thoughts of an 11th grader
  • “I enjoy 21CCCS because I feel like a valued, genuine part of the school. The classes are great, the work is challenging. but the reason that I think that the school is most valuable is because it has a phenomenal staff. I talk to my guidance counselor all the time here. I never did before.” – Thoughts of a 10th grader
  • “I balance my schedule by writing down subjects I need to work in the day before. I look at my classes and determine how much time I need to work the next day for projects, live classes, quizzes and exams. This helps me understand my day’s goals.” – Thoughts of an 8th grader
  • “Most days, my schoolwork is done by four. On certain days, I have dance lessons, martial arts classes, or something I’m volunteering for, and I work around that.” – Thoughts of a 10th grader
  • “People have asked me, ‘Why did you want to go to Cyber School?’ I originally came to the school in search of a challenge. I wanted something that worked for me, so that I could take classes that really fit my life and my future. I didn’t want to coast through my education. I found 21CCCS while surfing around on the internet when I was eleven. I’m sixteen now, so something must be working.” – Thoughts of a 10th grader


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