A Day in the Life of a 21CCCS Parent

What Will Your Role Be?

Parents of 21CCCS students are expected to be involved in student academic progress, but are not teachers of the curriculum. This is an important difference from many cyber school models, which often require parents to do a large amount of teaching.

Our highly qualified teaching staff focuses on academics. Parents are encouraged to advocate for their children as needed, keep a close eye on grades and progress, and communicate with their child’s learning coach frequently. The learning coach acts as both a mentor for your child and your first line of communication with the school. Parents are provided with a school email account and parental access to the learning management site. Parents may also attend field trips and community outreach events and network with other 21CCCS families that live within close proximity.

What do 21CCCS Parents say about us?

“I transferred my child from another cyber school to 21CCCS. It was the best decision I ever made. The teachers reach out and encourage already motivated students to do their best. They offer a challenging curriculum and lots of support. They have well qualified teachers. The school is very organized and the test results speak for themselves. All cyber schools are not the same. This school is a perfect fit for our family!” – Parent of 7th and 10th grade students

“This is an amazing school with amazing teachers. I would recommend this school to anyone.” – Parent of a 9th grade student

“Our children completed two years of public school (1st and 2nd grade) when we realized it was not going to meet our expectations. In those two years my husband and I had at least twenty in-person meetings with staff at various levels trying to get a GIEP implemented for our oldest daughter. We heard very good things about 21CCCS from friends who enrolled their high school age students. What we like about the program is that it is results-oriented. The goal is mastery, not spending X amount of time in a seat. We believe with the focus on results and quality work, our children will be groomed for a successful career in the future. My husband often comments that our daughter’s 7th grade projects are similar to ones he does at work: here is a bunch of data, now develop a presentation on what that means and why it is important. My daughter looks forward to her online classes because she doesn’t know what the teachers will be doing next. Sometimes they will have a silly hat on, sometimes they have a new activity, sometimes they have a funny comic to share.” – Parent of a 6th grade student

“We are so impressed with your school so far. Your teachers are so encouraging and helpful!” – Parent of a 7th grade student

“Prospective parents need to know that 21CCCS has high standards. Yet, they are flexible in how students meet those standards. Children don’t need to be experts in typing, Word, Excel, etc – that comes very easily to them in the first few weeks of class. The tech support team is very available and helpful. The guidance counselors are kind and considerate. What we like best about 21CCCS is the teachers. They are enthusiastic, helpful, and caring. They want the students to learn the material and make themselves very available for questions. ” – Parent of a 6th grade student

“My daughter enrolled in 6th grade and has just completed the 7th grade. I do have experience with another cyber school, so I was able to make a comparison between the two. Here are some of my thoughts: I like 21CCCS because all the teachers go to a building in Exton to work. They do not work out of their homes. There was always someone available to get help with assignments. I felt like we had the full benefits of being in a “private” school without the expense. I also liked that I was able to meet all of her teachers and coaches at school events. It gave me the sense that we were in a small school. I would encourage you to call them and ask them questions.” — Parent of a 6th grade student

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