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Corbett Aims to Help the Charter School Cause

On October 19th, 2012, Governor Corbett released a statement expressing his commitment to the charter school movement. He acknowledged disappointment in the House’s failure to bring a recently proposed Senate bill 1115 to the table. Although the bill passed a vote in the state Senate, it has yet to be voted on in the House, says Daily Time Correspondent Lois Puglionesi.

Her article, Haverford Discusses Charter School Bill outlines the reasons that both supporters and naysayers of the bill feel the way they do. Ultimately, the bill will bring attention to fiscal allocations for charter schools, specifying “governance and academic accountability rules.” Movement on the bill would help charter schools by setting more specific expectations for school funding.

The governor’s intention to draw attention to the bill means high hopes for January elections. For more information on the bill proposed, check out this link to view a copy of it! Playing an active part in your education starts with knowledge. Get informed!