Apple Distinguished School

We’re pleased to be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2022–2025 for our innovative delivery of a customizable, engaging, and high quality education for our students through the thoughtful and intentional integration of technology.

One of Pennsylvania’s pioneer online schools, 21st Century Cyber Charter School (21CCCS) sets the standard for individualized learning through engagement, mastery, and creation.

Students become contributors rather than consumers, using technology as a conduit for learning and exploration. Teachers and students are immersed in technological advances that provide future-ready skills and enable academic teaching and learning in a cutting-edge environment. Highly trained and qualified educators develop relationships with families that set our students on a path toward educational success with an eye towards their future.

We use technology as a conduit for learning and exploration, specifically focusing on four tiers of application. At the first tier, iPad and MacBook allow our students and teachers to access learning platforms. At the second tier, Apple technology transforms the way students learn through the accessibility features and learning integration tools. At the third tier, student learning is transformed by provided apps that foster interactive engagement and inquiry-based learning. At the fourth tier, student learning is redefined by providing tools through Apple technology that help students create through the integration and use of Apple Creativity apps.

Explore the voices of our staff, faculty, students and  families as they share our story in the documents below!