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21CCCS Testimonial – The Petrucci Family

Deciding to enroll my daughter in a cyber-charter school was very scary. I was involved in a very important project and I thought she might have benefited to have a flexible schedule and assist me in some phases of it. I didn’t know what to expect, but for sure I was totally taken back by 21CCCS and especially its teachers and programs. I really think they gave back to my girl the pleasure of learning for the sake of learning. Social Studies has become her favorite subject as well as math (she used to hate both). I have been involved with teaching on and off my whole life. I have very high expectations in this field and this school surpassed it. Their teaching and testing tools are so creative and inspiring! The teachers are so full of enthusiasm that it was a total pleasure to find the time to sit with my daughter and watch some of their classes. I come from Italy and I moved here 14 years ago. Education and schools are very different here than my country so this has been a learning curve. My daughter attended 3 private schools in an attempt to find what was best for her. They all had their pros and cons (let’s not talk about how expensive some of them were), but I really think 21CCCS is the best of all.!!! Thank you 21CCCS for making a mom and a whole family very happy! … and by the way, this is the first time in my whole life I write a review, I felt this school deserved my time and effort to share what I feel…