Open Houses

21st Century Cyber Charter School hosts in-person information sessions throughout the year at our West Chester and Murrysville locations. Each session will last about an hour and will include detailed information about the school as well as a Q&A session with 21CCCS faculty members.

One-on-One Information Sessions with a 21CCCS Enrollment Specialist

Learn more about our online cyber charter high school and middle school with one of our information sessions. Information sessions provide an overview of how our cyber charter school operates, including insight into our curriculum, instruction, interaction with teachers, and social outings.  They provide an excellent opportunity for families to learn more about life as a member of the 21CCCS community, and see what the school can offer to help students meet their academic goals.

Contact our Enrollment Team with any questions!
Phone: 484-875-5410

Open House Schedule

Begin your experience at 21CCCS with an open dialogue with our enrollment team. Therefore, we provide virtual open houses where we can speak fully and specifically to how 21CCCS might best serve your individual needs. Fill out our inquiry form below. Zoom link will be posted live 1 hour prior to the event in the red banner on our website.

Due to the high volume of calls you may experience a delay in a live call back. Please be sure to check the email you provided as well as text messages for updates and next steps. We look forward to starting the 2020-2021 school year with you!

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