Open Houses

We hold two different forms of open houses: an in-person information session, and a virtual session. In-person Information Sessions are held at varying locations, while virtual sessions utilize a similar live conferencing software similar to the one our students use every day.


Information Sessions

Learn more about our online cyber charter high school and middle school with one of our information sessions. Information sessions provide an overview of how our PA cyber charter school operates, including insight into our curriculum, instruction, interaction with teachers, and social outings. The sessions consist of a presentation to help parents and students learn more about the 21CCCS experience. This is followed by a question and answer session with an enrollment specialist and a teacher. They provide an excellent opportunity for families to learn more about life as a member of the 21CCCS community, and see what the school can offer to help students meet their academic goals.

Contact our Enrollment Team with any questions!
Phone: 484-875-5410

Virtual Sessions

Virtual information sessions allow you to gather the same information that you would from an in-person session, but from the comfort of your own home by utilizing a similar technology to the one the school uses for live classes and virtual offices. The sessions typically last about an hour and are a great way for you to experience how the cyber charter school works.

For information on ensuring your computer’s compatibility with the Adobe Connect program, please click here.

Open House Schedule

The dates, times, and locations of 2019/20 school year sessions will be announced soon.